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 Cambridge’s historic
market cobbles saved
for posterity
 A CAMPAIGN launched by market trader Glenys Self to save the cobbles on Cambridge’s historic market square has scored a victory after the stone setts were awarded Grade II listed status.
The cobbles were under threat after Cambridge City Council unveiled a proposal to revamp the market. A feasibility study the council commissioned suggested removing the setts as an option in order to redevelop the marketplace for use in the evenings and for entertainment.
The council started staging evening cinema screenings on the market last summer which proved popular with the public and traders selling hot food and drink benefited.
Glenys, who has been selling her beautiful porcelain jewellery on the market for the past 20 years, was horrified at the prospect.
She said: “The setts are like a Persian carpet — a magical surface which you feel better for seeing and better for walking on.”
So she spearheaded a campaign to save them, starting with the launch of The Friends of Cambridge Market to harness the power of the people who love the market and want to protect the city’s heritage.
Following a petition signed by members of the public and several meetings it was decided to seek listed status for the setts.
Late last year news came through that the application had been successful and now any future redevelopment of the marketplace will have to take this into account.
Glenys Self

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