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   Jacint Bagdi who was born in Hungary has become the first hot food trader on Brentwood market with his customised wooden trailer selling delicious crêpes
Lee Gelderbloem who runs Brentwood Blinds has done so well on Brentwood’s Friday market he has dropped his other markets and spends the rest of the week fulfilling orders he makes on the market
from Hungary and is the first hot food trader to be allowed on the market. His path has been beset by problems. “I am a trained chef and used to be kitchen manager for a business in Mayfair,” he said. “But I saw a beautiful crêpes mobile business in Paris and fell in love with it.”
He had his trailer custom-made in Hungary but hit all sorts of problems including the wrong electrics for the UK, but now he is trading on Brentwood market he is confident that his business, Crêpes Lab, will flourish.
Jacky is looking for more quality businesses as there is space for a further 10. Cut flowers, children’s fashions and gift type stalls are on her shopping list, but the quality and professionalism has to be tip-top for this friendly Essex market that has a new opportunity to shine.
attractive and uniform, and rents are quite hefty at £35 to £40 for a single gazebo. They have only recently allowed their first catering business on to the market — a smart, upmarket crêpes business, and there is also a strict rule on no more than one of any line.
Caroline explains that shopkeepers pay a lot in business rates so the council wants to be fair to everyone and not flood the market with cheap hot drink vendors or burger vans.
Jacky took over the running of the market in November 2018 and the verdict on her achievements is positive from both the council and her fellow traders.
Caroline said: “She has done a brilliant job and we are very grateful. Now we can look to build on what she has achieved.”
She said the council would be staging its first vegan market in March and they are looking into staging a fashion and food market in the summer and attract continental markets to the town.
Jacky said: “I have started a Facebook and Instagram presence for the market and tried to attract new, quality traders to Brentwood.”
There are plenty of risks for Jacky. She is invoiced a set amount monthly and if too few traders turn up she could be out of pocket, and any decision to close the market for inclement weather are down to her.
But she now has around 15 traders and each one brings something different and a level of quality and professionalism to the market place.
The fruit and veg man trades every day and on market days there is an excellent fish man, a good plant business, a quality artisan bread stall and lots of unusual, quirky businesses.
Wendy Drewett has been standing the market for seven years for Brown Bread, the
burgeoning London-based artisan bread and confectionery business which now operates 10 vans a day and stands 70 markets in London and the home counties.
Wendy said: “This is a very good market and Jacky has worked wonders. She has brought new traders here and we think the market will get better and better.”
Julie Martin, who has been selling jewellery on the market for five years, is also a big fan of Jacky. “The traders here all put on a great display and we benefit from lots of visitors, many of them big TOWIE fans who love the market and often spend here.”
Jacky’s ex Howard does a great line in trendy women’s boots and also picks up custom from locals and visitors. “It’s a good market but we could still do with more footfall,” he said.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what I used to make 30 and 40 years ago but times have changed. The internet is a big factor.
“And it all went downhill after B&Q won the battle over Sunday trading.”
Unusual new businesses on the market include Mike Read, who has turned his back on a career selling domestic appliances to sell trendy “objets d’art” including wooden ducks, a retro record player and a giant paint- spattered bulldog.
“It will take a while for people to register I am here and what I sell, but I reckon this is a great place to trade,” he said.
And Lee Gelderbloem who runs Brentwood Blinds said: “I do so well here on a Friday that I have given up the other markets I stand because I get enough orders here to keep me busy through the week making them up and delivering them to customers.”
It is early days for Jacint Bagdi, who hails
l Market Day: Fridays and Saturdays l Market Rent: £35 on Fridays and
£40 on Saturdays
l Brentwood’s claim to fame: Just
20 miles from Charing Cross, Brentwood in Essex is a suburban town with a rural feel. The unemploy- ment rate is low with major companies headquartered there including Ford and a number of large financial services companies. Lord Sugar’s former Amstrad head- quarters is now a Premier Inn, but the town was put on the map by the TV series TOWIE which was filmed there. Several of the big TOWIE stars have fashion shops there.

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