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                          Never underestimate an Essex girl. business on the market, refused to stand by been a steep learning curve, but Jacky has
Less than 18 months ago Brentwood
Market was a hair’s breadth from closure. Essex Farmers Markets, the company that won the contract to revive and run an up-market general market on the High Street back in 2011, was no longer involved and Brentwood Borough Council could not see a way forward, with too few resources to run it themselves and no operator waiting in the wings.
Fortunately one of the traders, Jacky Frost, who had built up a flourishing ladies fashion
and let the market disappear with the loss of market businesses and livelihoods — includ- ing her own.
So Jacky, a keen NMTF member, approached the council and offered to run it herself. It was a daunting prospect and a huge stretch for Jacky who has an unrivalled eye for fashion and plenty of charm and people skills, but no experience of running a market.
As far as Jacky was concerned, it was Hobson’s choice, so in November 2018 she became the unpaid market manager. It has
put her all into making a go of the market and it is thriving under her stewardship. The success story began 10 years ago.
Brentwood’s historic charter market was a far distant memory but when Essex Farmers Markets asked the council for permission to stage a Christmas market in 2010 and the germ of an idea was sown.
Caroline Harrison, the council’s licensing officer, said the council approved the application but the consensus was that they should go further. Reviving the town’s long-

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