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   Elizabeth Haigh who used to be head chef in the Michelin starred restaurant Pigeon in London is now running her own food business in the new kitchen specialising
in Singaporean food
Urvesh Parvais was inspired by the recipes and tastes of the food dished up by his family to set up Gujarati Rasoi in the Borough’s new hot food kitchen
  The new venture, which opened in November, means Crown Square and the entire Green Market area are now devoted producers and produce sellers.
The kitchen’s offer reflects the striking diversity of the community the market serves, including everything from the Iraqi cuisine of JUMA Kitchen and the traditional Jamaican dishes of Rudie’s Jerk Shack to the Basque pintxos of Mimo and the definitively British scotch eggs of Scotchtails.
Urvesh Parvais who runs Gujarati Rasoi jumped at the opportunity to trade in the Borough Kitchen.
With an MA in design and a career in the creative industry, he had always nurtured a love of the home cooking that his mother had mastered from the family’s homeland in India where his great grandparents first used the
traditional recipes.
“Fifteen years ago I started a stall on Broadway
Market in Hackney where I lived to see if the general public shared my passion for the food that has crossed oceans and continents.”
The stall was an instant hit and Urvesh began setting up stall at festivals while keeping his day job.
He eventually opened a restaurant and when he heard about the new venture in the Borough he decided it was a perfect opportunity.
Elizabeth Haigh, who used to be head chef at the Michelin starred Pigeon Restaurant in London, also took the plunge. Inspired by the food from Singapore where she has lived and her family trace their roots, she now runs her own business, Little Sister Restaurant, in the Borough Kitchen.
“It is based on the food you get in Singapore
coffee shops,” she said. “I feel this is a really good place for me to set up and it has started off very well.”
All the traders follow the ethos of quality and sustainability that is what the Borough is all about. The entire venture is free of single use plastics, and the tables and seating are constructed from
sustainably sourced materials.
With the bulk of ingredients sourced from
within the market, it is the shortest supply chain possible Darren says.
The new venture is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm and to 6pm on Fridays, after which it reverts to wholesale use.
In addition to the Borough Kitchen, Darren has also introduced a number of initiatives to improve the shopping experience in the Borough. They include wider aisles, a click and collect service and home deliveries.

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