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 Opening of Borough Market Kitchen heralds new era for
iconic market
LONDON’S world famous Borough Market is evolving, with a £2.5 million investment in Borough Market Kitchen which raises the bar for hot food and gives it a separate location within the market.
It all began for the Borough more than 20 years ago when this buzzing, vibrant corner of London near London Bridge was run-down and unloved.
Then a couple of trailblazing traders decided to set up stall in the old wholesale market and the rest is history.
The market is now an iconic destination, famous across the globe and acclaimed for its amazing range of fresh produce and mouthwatering street food.
The entire area is abuzz with characterful pubs and eateries and it remains a busy, trendy place to visit both day and night despite the shadow cast by two terrorist attacks nearby.
Times move on though, and CEO Darren Heneghan, backed by the charitable trust which runs the market, decided that changes were needed to ensure Borough Market remained true to its roots and its raison d’être.
Darren said: “The market is above everything a produce market.” Unbeknown to many, it continues as a wholesale market with fruit and veg auctions in Jubilee Place during the night.
But street food was introduced to great effect some 12 years ago when the phenomenon was in its infancy and it has become a popular attraction ever since, almost overshadowing the core fresh produce offer.
Darren said: “Street food has had a good run but now people want more. That’s why market halls are coming to the fore offering street food
in a different market setting. We felt that something different was needed at the Borough which involved moving the street food to a separate location, raising the quality and creating a market kitchen with permanent stalls and communal seating which is half- way between street food and a restaurant experience.”
The decision was made to create The Borough Market Kitchen in Jubilee Place, which meant relocating businesses and going through a formal process to decide which existing street food businesses should make the move to the new venture.
Darren said: “We looked at a number of criteria which reflected our core values.” It was
very important that the street food traders sourced the bulk of their produce from The Borough. Every business had to pay staff the London minimum wage and sustainability and green credentials were also important.
As many as 10 businesses did not meet the high standard required, but new food businesses have come on board, including a Michelin starred chef.
The new kitchen comprises 32 food businesses in purpose-made units with communal tables and chairs in the middle of Jubilee Place and a massive storage area called the Podium which doubles as a storage space for the traders and extra seating on the wooden steps up to the top of the structure.
   Darren Heneghan who runs Borough Market

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