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FEATURE • SEVEN DIALS flag for British cheeses.
Typical of the offer is Truffle run by Tom Bickers, a chef by training who ran his own recruitment business until two years ago when he launched Truffle specialising in dishes flavoured with truffles.
“We now have four shops,” Tom said. “KERB approached us and I believe we were the first business to confirm we were on board.
“The space is great. It’s a lovely environ- ment to work in and we are doing 70 to
80 per cent more than we anticipated,” said Tom, who serves truffle burgers at Seven Dials.
Matthew Littlechild who manages The Cheese Bar said: “We have been insanely busy since we opened.” The business is owned by Matthew Carver who also runs an eatery specialising in hot food dishes such as fondue.
The traders in Cucumber Alley are also happy to be standing the market. Charlie
    Charlie Thomas is pictured with Richard Stott on the East London Liquor Company stall in Cucumber Alley where they sell the spirits brewed in the company’s own distillery
Bernadette Creagh, pictured with Seven Dials Manager Nicol Dwyer, has set up a stall for her business, The English Flower House, in Cucumber Alley
Thomas manages The East London Liquor Company which produces spirits at its own distillery. “We are selling our spirits in Cucumber Alley but we also supply the bar here,” he said.
And Bernadette Creagh, who gave up her job as a barrister 15 years ago to start The English Flower House, brings a colourful flower display to Cucumber Alley.
“I was happy to start trading here. KERB are a great bunch of people with lots of creative ideas. It’s a nice vibrant team here and I’m pleased to be part of it,” she said.
Nicol, who heads that team, is certainly full of spark and vitality. A Brummie by birth, she has turned her hand to every- thing from helping on her dad’s stall in the Bull Ring Market to every job you could imagine in a 20 year career in hospitality.
“I joined KERB eight months ago and I have loved being in at the start of this venture,”she said. “Everyone is positive. We all help and support each other and the
vibe is so good.”
After the market has got off to such a
flying start, Nicol is looking forward to whatever the future holds.
Tom Bickers runs Truffle, an eatery business he set up two years ago which uses truffles in every dish. Tom now runs four shops and was approached by Kerb to take on a hot food unit at the new market serving mainly burgers flavoured with truffles
l Market Days: From 11 am to 11 pm Monday to Saturday and from 12 to 10.30 pm on Sundays
l Market Rent: Traders pay the same service charge but rents vary and each pays a proportion of takings
l Seven Dials’ claim to fame: Seven Dials is the characterful network of seven streets that link Covent Garden and Soho and converge at a circular hub at the centre of which is a column bearing six sundials. Originally planned by the MP Thomas Neale in the early 1690s, the layout was designed to allow the maximum number of houses to be built and the street names chosen to attract affluent residents. But by Charles Dickens’ time it had become one of the city’s worst slum areas. Gentrification gradually transformed its fortunes and Seven Dials is now home to trendy fashion, beauty and lifestyle stores as well as many independent bars and eateries.

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