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  Lucy Thompson married into market trading and now runs a successful stall on Ipswich market selling flowers to passing shoppers
Mitch Lloyd has been selling bags on Ipswich market for the past 25 years
And Michael Catchpole, who recently took over Cox’s fruit and veg, is delighted to be at the helm of the biggest stall on the market.
“Mick Cox ran this business for 40 years and I worked for him for 25 of those years,” Michael says.
He describes Mick as a second father to him, and he jumped at the opportunity to take over when Mick decided to retire.
“I left to run a cut-price biscuits and cakes stall for seven years, but the pound shops are killing that line,” Michael said.
Now he sees the future as bright, especially with the council’s expansion plans in the pipeline.
Kevin Walker said: “There are 34 traders and stalls at the moment, but we would like to increase the offering. Stalls for a tenner
‘Ipswich people don’t have masses of cash to spend, so they are looking for a bargain, and the traders give them what they are looking for
seemed a good way to create a wider range of goods on the market.”
Ipswich Cornhill already has some excellent food stalls such as Mike’s fish stall, Cox’s fruit and veg, a great bread and confectionery stall.
and another selling home-baked goodies. There are traditional fashion and bag stalls,
and niche businesses such as Shaun Bruce’s Hoover supplies stall.
“Stalls like mine bring people to the market, and the more different lines we have, the more people will shop on the market,” he said.
“You get bad days, mainly because of the weather,” he added. “But ask any of the shops and they will say that market days are their busiest.”
Kevin would like to see specialist food businesses try their hand at market trading on the new stalls, but the stalls for a tenner initiative is a great opportunity for any new or existing traders who wants to join in the ‘craic’ at a market with good footfall and an exciting future.
 l MarketDays:Tuesdays,Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
l MarketRent:Rentstartsat £21.50 for a 3 by 3 stall, although additional small stalls are on offer at £10 a day
l Ipswich’sClaimtoFame:Ipswichis one of England’s oldest towns and its link with agriculture is celebrated in the nickname of Ipswich Town, affectionately known as ‘The Tractor Boys’. Cornhill, where the market is located, has a grisly history. The ‘Ipswich Martyrs’ were burned at the stake in Cornhill in the 16th Century for their Protestant beliefs, and in 1664 Widow Lackland was burned on the orders of the notorious Witchfinder General.
 Carlos is doing well selling women’s fashion on Ipswich market after following his uncle into market trading

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