Page 33 - Market Times February 2014
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   cracking market
    Ipswich’s Cornhill Market
is capitalising on its prime location by expanding its offering. NICOLA GOULD reports
  Ipswich Market has the perfect location, in front of the town hall in Cornhill, bang in the centre of town, where shoppers literally swarm on a busy Saturday.
Ipswich Borough Council, which runs the market, is investing in bright new blue and white canopies — the colours of Ipswich Town, of course.
And it is also embarking on an expansion programme, offering 30 additional small stalls for a tenner, with the aim of broadening the market’s offering and increasing its footprint across the square and down Princes Street.
But it’s not just the right location, the good footfall and the council support that makes Ipswich such a cracking market, according to the traders.
As the Irish would say, “it’s the craic”.
Stalwart market traders Mike Young, the fish man for more than 30 years, and Mitch Lloyd, who has sold bags on the market for 25 years, agree.
“I have stood plenty of markets over the years,” said Mitch. “And believe me, there’s no better market for the atmosphere, the fun and the friendship.”
It was this spirit of comradeship and camaraderie that ensured the market’s survival when it had dwindled to just a handful of stalls on a car park site near the civic hall.
Whilst the traders have nothing but praise for the current council, they are scathing about previous administrations that relocated the market to the civic centre car park site and watched it gradually decline, almost to the point of no return.
Mike Young said: “Cornhill is the traditional home of the market going back to medieval times, but it fared reasonably well on Tower

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