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Market Times • February 2014
    Case Study: KC Bryce
   Marcus Nelson, who runs Funky Fones at the Nottingham Victoria Centre, gained a new member of his growing team after a successful placement.
KC Bryce completed her eight week work experience and was offered a permanent position as customer sales advisor. Marcus commented on his experience of the scheme, saying: “I originally had two young people from my local Jobcentre, but KC was the one who showed true work ethic and eagerness to learn.
“The work experience scheme has helped me find a brilliant new addition to my team and I would recommend other traders to use their local Jobcentre when seeking new employees.”
KC is now a valued member of the Funky Fones team and continues to work with Marcus to develop skills in customer service.
For more information on Funky Fones, please visit the website at or find Funky Fones on twitter at
KC Bryce celebrates her achievement of a permanent position with Funky Fones at Nottingham Victoria Market
       Case Study: James Canachie
Brett Kinsman-Daw was seeking an extra member of staff after successfully launching his two businesses, ABC Service, a computer services business, and ABC Giftware at Tavistock Market.
Brett said: “I have had extra helping hands from family members, but I needed more staff to help me on all sides of the business.
“My local Jobcentre sent me James Canachie who has fit the role perfectly and as far as I can see has enjoyed working at the market ever since.”
James Canachie is now undertaking a retail apprenticeship whilst working with Brett. James explained: “Since working at ABC, Brett has helped me develop new skills as well as the confidence to succeed in retail.
“Every day is different and until you work on a market, you don’t realise just how interesting and what fun it can be! I plan to stay at Tavistock Pannier Market and carry on learning the tricks of the trade.”
For more information on the ABC
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Brett Kinsman-Daw and his new apprentice James Canachie at Tavistock Pannier Market
brand, please
  James Conachie is now attending a retail apprenticeship whilst continuing to work at ABC
“When I first started my business I wish I had the same opportunity to learn the ropes from another market trader. I believe the work experience scheme is invaluable to a young entrepreneur who wants to start a new business of their own.
“The young people I had working with me were extremely enthusiastic, but unfortunately I couldn’t offer a permanent job as Nkono is
still in development. However I hope to offer an apprenticeship to the right person when my business is in demand for a new member of staff.”
To find out more about the work experience programme run by Jobcentre Plus and supported by the NMTF visit or contact the Projects team at the NMTF. Please call 01226 749021 or email, quoting ‘JCP Work Experience.’

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