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Market Times • February 2014
Market traders offer work
experience to young
By CATHERINE DUNCUM, Projects Executive
  MORE THAN 120 market traders have offered work experience placements to young people by getting involved in an NMTF- backed scheme to tackle youth unemployment.
Run by Jobcentre Plus with the support of the National Market Traders Federation since 2012, the programme enables market traders to offer jobseekers aged 18 to 24 a short work placement within their business.
Each placement can last between two to eight weeks with working hours between 16
A selection of Nkono curries at Nottingham Victoria Centre Market
to 30 hours per week. Young jobseekers still claim unemployment benefits during the placement, including Jobseekers Allowance and payments to cover transport costs.
If traders want to offer the young person a job at the end of the placement, support is available through Jobcentre Plus in the form of a wage incentive to help take them on. Some young people could even be put through a retail apprenticeship.
One of the participating
traders was Aaron Jones
of eco-friendly bag
stall, Fikay, a trader at
Camden Market —
Aaron needed extra help
whilst developing new charity projects. Aaron said:
“To be able to focus on new angles of the Fikay brand, I needed more staff to help sell Fikay bags on the market stall.
“I was more than happy to offer work experience to more than one person and I felt each person involved had a genuine interest and passion for what Fikay is and what we stand for.
“Unfortunately after offering a permanent
position to one of the jobseekers, they could not accept due to other circumstances — but I enjoyed working with all the young people and the experience was a positive one.”
Alain Job of Caribbean curry stall Nkono, at Nottingham Victoria Centre Market, wanted to provide valuable work experience to young jobseekers, but also pass on useful knowledge to others who may want to start a small business of their own:
       Fikay products are made of recycled cement bags — each product sold Fikay will donate to educational resources for children in Asia


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