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  A former nurse, Amanda Shaw loves her new role as a market trader selling garden items made by local artists and crafts people
  At 83, Charlie Snell is Tavistock market’s oldest market trader, selling bargain household goods
Markets, a 60-year-old co-operative of local cooks, is perfectly happy with the current level of trade, never mind Covent Garden.
“We are a co-operative of women who sell their speciality dishes — and we sell out of the different dishes relatively quickly,” she said.
The individuals take the price they have set for each dish, minus ten per cent, which covers administration.
Jane Carpenter, an independent trader who has run Jane’s Cakes on a stall on the periphery for ten years, is another magnet for foodies who love delicious home cooking.
“This market has a wonderful atmosphere and business is good,” she said.
And Brett Kinsman-Daw, a young addition to the market mix, believes he has found the perfect springboard for his new business, ABC Giftware selling gifts and ABC Service offering a basic computer service.
Brett used to help out on his mother’s stall selling wooden and retro toys and started his
Lee Furneaux and his wife Madeleine are holding their own selling second-hand books despite the competition from Kindle,
Amazon and charity second-hand bookshops
own market business four years ago.
“I started in a recession and got through the
first few years and now I have been able to take on an apprentice, which is good,” said Brett, who is Secretary of the NMTF branch. (See case study on page 29.)
The market management team is keen to nurture new start-ups like Brett’s, and they are finding more and more businesses turning to the market as a place to trade with low overheads and good footfall.
Duane said: “We are getting young artists wanting to have a go at selling on the market and we are expanding to marquees outside the market, which will help to link together the market with the town’s high street shops.”
They are planning to launch a “Totally, Locally” campaign to encourage more people to try market shopping.
So these days Tavistock market may still be a hidden gem, but more and more people are finding out about it.
 l Market Days: Tuesdays to Saturdays
l Market Rent: Rent is £9 a table a day
l Tavistock’s Claim to Fame: Tavistock is one of four stannary towns, appointed by a charter of Edward l, where tin was once stamped and weighed and monthly courts were held to regulate the mining industry. As well as tin, the town was once an important centre for copper, iron and cloth. Sir Francis Drake, the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world and the leader of the victory against the Spanish Armada, was born on a farm just outside the town.

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