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  Friday is the traditional charter market day. Whilst stalls around the periphery continue trading on all market days from Tuesday to Saturday, the central stalls change each market day.
“We get coaches all through the year, and whether people are local or visitors, they know there will be a good variety in the market, and that keeps bringing people back,” said Duane.
Not everyone agrees. Charlie Snell, Tavistock’s oldest market trader at 83, remembers the early days of his 42 years of trading when the market was heaving.
“It was shoulder to shoulder in those days,” said Charlie, who sells bargain household products. “When it was just a Friday market it was an event, but all these market days have changed it.”
The majority of traders, though, see the benefit of a varied offering on different days. And the volume of footfall — and the fact that the market is full and is expanding to marquees outside — suggests that the market
management has hit on a winning formula. Without doubt, another crucial element of this
market’s success is the traders and their colourful, quality wares and produce, which reflect the wealth of the local produce and crafts, and the ingenuity and artistry of the people who produce them.
There are home-made beauty products;
home-cooked goodies sold by a women’s co- operative that has been trading on the market for 60 years; beautifully crafted and presented hand-made goods; and artwork that would fly off the stall for a handsome price at one of London’s arty markets.
“I would like to see this market develop into the Covent Garden of the West Country,” says Amanda Shaw, who runs Eden Mosaics, and recently took over as chairman of Tavistock National Market Traders Federation branch.
A nurse for 20 years, Amanda loves the unique atmosphere at Tavistock market and the independence of running her own business. She is rapidly building up a loyal customer base for the hand made garden ornaments made from carved wood and cast marble by local artists and craftspeople.
“I am a Londoner and I saw Covent Garden rise from scratch to what it is today, I think this market could easily become a West Country version of it.” said Amanda.
Sally Jenkin, who manages Tavistock Country
Sally Jenkin manages Country Markets, a co-operative of women who sell their home baked products on the market, a tradition going back 60 years
    Jane Carpenter has been selling Jane’s cakes and home baked goodies on the market for the past ten years
  Brett Kinsman-Daw followed his mother into market trading. He set up ABC Giftware and ABC Service on the market after helping out on her wooden and retro toys stall

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