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Market Times • February 2014
What a difference the operator can make
 OXFORD has a new-look attraction to complement its dreaming spires, ancient colleges and bright, welcoming shops — it’s the revamped Gloucester Green Market.
The charter market, which runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, has taken on a new lease of life since it reopened under new market management in October.
There is a new layout, bright new blue and yellow gazebo-style stalls and the number of traders has shot up.
The punters like it. The traders like it. Oxford City Council, which put the running of the market out to tender, is happy with the increased footfall and the general buzz around Gloucester Green.
And LSD Promotions, which runs the market after winning the tender in a 50/50 partnership with Geraud Markets (UK), believes Gloucester Green will go from strength to strength.
Dermot McGillicuddy, a Director of LSD, which runs a number of markets in the Midlands including Stratford-upon-Avon and Tamworth, said the turnaround had been remarkable.
“In the past the management of the market had been a bit disjointed,” he said. “There were different operators on different days and no
Dermot McGillicuddy, Director of LSD
Market Manager Kevin Potter
delegated market management. The stalls were ancient — in fact, the stalls were probably more antique than most things for sale on the Thursday antiques market.”
The layout, which comprised solid lines of stalls, was not customer friendly. And a lot of the covers were falling to pieces.
Despite its excellent location in a pedestrianised square next to the bus station and a car park, the market was losing money. So the council decided something had to be done.
It took some time to decide exactly what was needed, and as every trader knows, uncertainty is bad for market trading.
The rumour mill went into overdrive and the number of traders dwindled.
So, when the traders received the news that LSD would be running the market, there was relief that something was definite, but there were plenty of concerns.
Dermot said: “The main concern was that rents would be going up. We immediately told the traders in writing that rents would be fixed for 12 months.”
Traders pay £28.67 per day, with a £2 charge for promoting the market and 50 pence for electricity.
They were promised new stalls, new lighting and a much more customer friendly layout.
Dermot said: “The stalls are really bright and
    Francis Boua, who sells grocery products and raises money for charity, is pictured on our front page drumming up trade on Gloucester Green market

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