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  Brand new market launched in Lurgan
 LURGAN in Northern Ireland recently reconnected with its historic roots through the opening of a new market in the town.
Held on the town plaza every Thursday, the new market got off to a flying start with 12 new stalls under brand new black and white marquees, and three businesses trading from vehicles.
Traditionally known as a market town, Lurgan somehow lost its market, a setback that Craigavon Borough Council has now rectified.
The Mayor of Craigavon, Coun Mark Baxter, said: “The brand new Lurgan Market has already been a fantastic success and it is brilliant to see the market stalls taking over the town centre once again.”
He praised the hard work and initiative that had brought Lurgan back to its historic roots.
The new stalls sell everything from eggs, fish, patisseries and artisan chocolate to fragrances, rugs and collectibles, ladies accessories, clothes, handbags, crafts, fancy
Pictured at the fish stall at Lurgan market are fish trader Felix Higgins, Mayor of Craigavon Coun Mark Baxter, Dr Theresa Donaldson, Chief Executive of Craigavon Borough Council, Lorraine Crawford, Director of Environmental Services, Alderman Arnold Hatch, Chair of Environmental Services and NMTF Executive Board Member Paddy Lynn, who trades on Belfast St George’s Market
goods and electronic cigarettes. Coun Baxter added: “This is an exciting development for Lurgan and we look forward to seeing the benefits it will bring to the
town as a whole.”
Paddy Lynn, Executive Board
Member of the National Market Traders Federation, said: “This has been a great opportunity for
Lurgan and we are delighted to have given them all the help and support they needed to achieve a permanent market and create small businesses in the Lurgan area.”
 Good — and bad — news for Mold market
THE fortunes of Mold Market, boosted by news of a £500,000 re- vamp of the town’s square, would plunge if Sainsbury’s gets per- mission for a new supermarket in the Flintshire town, traders have warned.
Traders welcomed the news that the council is planning a £500,000 revamp of the Daniel Owen Square, named after the 19th century Welsh novelist.
But they say the investment, aimed at making the square the town’s focal point, could all be for nothing if Sainsbury’s is allowed to build a store covering 43,000 square feet on Chester Road, together with parking for 400 cars and a filling station.
Mold already has a number of supermarkets and traders say a big new Sainsbury’s would sound the
death knell for the market, which they describe as one of the best in Wales.
But the planning application has been welcomed by Mold
Business Forum and Mold Town Partnership, who have described it as an exciting opportunity for the town which will create 300 jobs.
Market Times • February 2014
     The market in Daniel Owen Square on a wet December afternoon in 2009
Dean serenades the punters at Sudbury Market
EVERY market has its characters. And at Sudbury, Dean Robinson, who sells flowers on the Suffolk market, is the market clown.
Kate Law, who sells antiques on the market, captured this moment on the market and decided to share it with Market Times readers.
She wrote” “The Windsor chair he’s sitting on, the beret, the guitar and chamber pot were all pinched from my stall. And the string of garlic? God knows what unsuspecting fruit and veg trader provided that.”

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