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  Market Times • February 2014
Fresh new look for NMTF website
 THE National Market Traders Federation has introduced a brand-new look to its website with an ultra-modern design that makes the most of the latest internet technology.
As well as being sleek and dramatically colourful, the new site at targets the three most popular areas — the comprehensive database of UK markets, the online version of Market Times, and the membership subscriptions section, now used by more than 40 per cent of traders who join or renew.
The federation’s sponsors — Geraud Markets (UK), Chip & PIN Solutions and Marketline — are also featured prominently on every page of the site.
On the home page there is an encouragement to shoppers to visit their local market, but predominantly the emphasis of the whole site is on providing traders with the tools and knowledge they need for their businesses.
Roy Holland, the NMTF’s Communications Manager, said: “We’ve known for a while that the existing site had a somewhat outdated look, but it has taken some considerable time to develop the new site because we wanted to get it
absolutely right.
“It’s all very well having an
attractive website, but we were concerned that it should be combined with ease of use. I think we have succeeded.”
The new website went live in early January, but it will be far from static, since the web team at head office will be working constantly to keep it up-to-date and incorporating additional information felt to be useful to market traders.
The Find a Market section has been enhanced to provide the search facility with a graphic display of market locations, as well as a directory list.
Market operators and traders are being urged to check the accuracy of the information provided in the section, and amendments can be sent directly from the web entry.
An early development will be the introduction of a forum where ideas from everyone involved in the markets industry can be discussed.
NMTF National President Michael Nicholson said: “I think the new site looks absolutely great. It demonstrates just how much the federation supports the industry — not just its members but the industry as a whole.”
 Out with the old — in with the new

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