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“I make my own fudge in the same way that your granny used to make it,” said Steve, who set up his business four years ago after 20 years in the film industry.
Jan said: “It is very handy for us as we only live round the corner. The market is getting bigger. The seafood stall is always sold out before the end of the day and we think the market has great potential.”
Bluebird market has an excellent craft offering which went down well in the run-up to Christmas, and should be a big draw for visitors and tourists.
Pandora Martin, who is in her third year
trading as Timeless Classics selling watch drops, is optimistic about the future of the market.
“We are all good friends here and local people are really supporting the market,” she said. “I have spread the word about the market and a number of craft traders are also giving it a go,” she said.
Among them is Heather Smith who started Hook Designs last April selling her hand made jewellery.
“I am still working part-time for Tesco but I am starting to trade at craft fairs and this is my first day on my first market,” she said.
The town team believes it has established a
critical mass of committed traders who will ensure the success of the new market.
“It is early days,” said David Little. “But if we can keep going we believe the market will be a catalyst for local businesses to take advantage of increased footfall on Temptation Tuesday.
“People will come into the town centre for the market and then see independent shops and eateries where they will make a purchase,” he added.
It will be a long haul but Dover town team and its new market traders believe they have laid the foundations for a brighter future.
  Steve and Jan Timms are doing well selling the hand-made fudges which Steve specialises in
  Heather Smith launched her new business, Hook Designs, last April selling her hand made jewellery
Pandora Martin (left) turned a hobby into a business and now sells her hand-made watch drops and similar products on Dover market
 l MarketDays:Tuesday
l MarketRent:Rentis£15
l Dover’sClaimtoFame:Dover,
which stands at the narrowest point of the English Channel, is best known as a major ferry port and it is also used by cruise ships. Dover Castle, described as the ‘key to England’ because of its strategic location, is a major tourist attraction in the town.

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