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Sue Robus, who runs Sue’s Seafood, described the new market as a great success. Sue turned her back on a successful career in London working for an advertising agency then running a pub to return to her home town of Dover to start a fish business.
She normally trades on the seafront but was persuaded by David to move to the market every Tuesday.
“I love running my own business,” says Sue, who buys her fish from Dover and the seafood from Billingsgate.
She has branched out into game, which her mother, Jan Baldwin, sells from the next stall.
“I was persuaded by David to stand the market and I will definitely be sticking with it,” she said.
Maggie Costello, who sells the bread and bakery items made by her husband in their small Dover bakery, is equally adamant that the market is here to stay.
“This is a terrific market,” she said. “I read about it in the newspaper and decided to give it a go. I am really proud to sell the quality products my husband makes and I love being on this new market,” she added.
Emily Everett, who sells her home-made jams, chutneys and sauces, is also determined to make the market a success.
Emily decided to become a market trader because she was fed up with working for other people and being told what to do.
“It must have been a bit of a mid-life crisis because I had never made jam or chutney before,” she said. “But the business is going well and I really like this market. It is nice because it is run by local business people who aren’t trying to make a profit but just want to help regenerate the town where their businesses are based.”
Steve Timms, the fudge man, and his wife Jan, are both delighted to be part of the new venture.
   Sue Robus runs Sue’s Seafood in Dover following a successful career in advertising and running a pub. She agreed to move to the market from the seafront every Tuesday and is doing really well
Emily Everett is doing well on Dover market selling her hand-made jams, chutneys and sauces

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