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Clive Hall, who has been selling flowers and plants on the market for eight years, is delighted with the footfall
Clive Hall, who has sold flowers and plants on the market for the past eight years, said: “It has been a great move. There is plenty of footfall and it is great to see the market busy and bustling again.”
And the retailers agree. Barry Jackson, who owns and runs Cockney Rebel, a fashion shop in Bridge Street, said the market relocation has boosted footfall in the town centre and all the retailers were benefiting.
Ian Berry said: “The move has transformed the market into one of the busiest street markets in the midlands. But we know that we have to work hard to keep it that way.”
His strategy is to view the market as a business and continue to seek new ways of boosting trade.
Helping traders improve the look of their stalls and organising themed market days are among the initiatives that Ian and his team hope will keep Worksop market on a high.
 l MarketDays:Wednesday,FridayandSaturday
l MarketRent:Rentis£13.50perstallperdaywith
discounts for traders who take more than one stall
l Worksop’sClaimtoFame:Worksopin Nottinghamshire is on the fringe of Robin Hood country at the gateway to the Dukeries, the woodland area where the dukes and aristocrats of old used to hunt. It was a coal mining area and was badly affected by the closure of the pit in the 1980s, but has succeeded in attracting new employers and rebuilding its economy since then.
Shopkeeper Barry Jackson who runs Cockney Rebel, a men’s and women’s fashion shop on the High Street, says the market move has been brilliant for retailers and market traders alike

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