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 Ian Berry (right) and John Simmonds, Worksop market manager and deputy market manager respectively, have a good working relationship with the traders
Traders talk of their turnover doubling overnight. There is a waiting list of 40 wanting to get on to the three-day market and the traders are more than happy with their new location.
Market manager Ian Berry isn’t the type to say “I told you so”. But the traders acknowledge that the market team has done a good job in securing the future of the market.
In difficult times for markets, Worksop is a big success story.
Ian, who has looked after the market for 20 years, said: “Going back 16 years or so, you could see the decline in the market but you couldn’t put your finger on what was wrong.”
New, more affluent Worksop people were gravitating towards Meadowhall. But Ian and his colleagues knew that a high end offering like a farmers’ market wouldn’t work in Worksop.
They came to the conclusion that the market would do better on Bridge Street, but at the time the council was not keen for change. The proposal to sell the Market Square land to build a cinema on
provided an opportunity to move the market, and the council commissioned market consultants Quarterbridge to mastermind the move.
‘I have been trading on this market for two-and-a-half years now and on our first day on the High Street my takings went up by a third. Now I am taking double what I was taking in Market Square.
Butcher Chris Orchard (left) of Orchard Farm quality meats travels to Worksop market from Wolverhampton. His turnover has doubled since the market move

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