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When Bassetlaw District Council announced plans to move Worksop’s historic market from its long established location in Market Square the traders were very concerned — but they need not have worried. The move to the town’s main shopping street has transformed its fortunes. By NICOLA GOULD
Worksop Market has had more than its fair share of knocks. Dating from 1292, the market was once a mainstay of the town’s economy. It was a thriving concern up until the closure of the town’s pit and the loss of the Viyella factory in the 1980s.
New employers moved in and the town’s economy recovered, but the market continued to struggle.
The arrival of Meadowhall, the giant out-of-town retail shopping centre near Sheffield, didn’t help. Equally changing shopping trends, and the stranglehold exerted by the supermarket giants, took their toll on the market.
So it was not surprising that when Bassetlaw District Council decided to sell the land where the market has been located since 1851, traders were fearful for the future.
Fortunately, their fears proved unfounded. As part of its regeneration strategy, the council moved the market to Bridge Street, Worksop’s main shopping street, 18 months ago. The move, completed in three phases, has proved to be the best thing that could have happened.

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