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  Market Times • February 2013
How Green Is Your Market?
   Derek Maguire, a trader on Frome Cheese and Grain Market, is Neil Brown, Morpeth market manager, received the award for most presented with the award for the greenest market in the South by improved green market, from June Draper and Julien Lewis
Julien Lewis
Innovative market traders find green inspiration
 THE UK’s greenest market traders are blazing a trail for innovative eco-friendly products. Sally Mittuch, who won the coveted title of the UK’s greenest trader, founded her business, Natural Spa Supplies Ltd, after washing her hair in clay while on honeymoon in Morocco in 2007.
“Not only did my hair come out just right, I realised that it was the first time my hair had been washed without chemicals,” Sally said. “Clay is formed by volcanoes using the free energy of nature, and it is never polluting.”
With her background in archaeology and anthropology, it dawned on her that people had always washed in clay, yet their clay washing had left no trace.
Hemp oil soap based on a 12th century campfire recipe
Sally decided to focus a business on the most anciently used washing and cleaning products.
“Now my husband, Scott, and I research and promote washing and cleaning by using natural resources made by volcanoes, plants and traditional crafts people,” she said.
Sally and Scott sell their products at historic markets, green markets and bushcraft events. They specialise in pumice and alum crystal formed by volcanoes, as well as plants, henna, soapnuts, which are gathered from self- propagated trees, and hemp oil, which forms the basis of their traditional soft soaps.
The couple realised that there is no need for the wide array of manufactured cleaners. They promote and sell just two cleaning products, their water based soapnuts cleaner and their plant oil based soaps, which both biodegrade within a day.
“We are proud to have recreated the earliest British soap which was in use from the 12th century until the 19th century,” Sally said.
And their business is green through and through. Ninety five per cent of their packaging is biodegradable or reusable. They support developing countries through trade and they teach their customers to use their products economically.
Michelle Wood, a runner-up in the competition, was inspired to start her green business after her baby Gabrielle was born three months premature weighing just two pounds.
Gabrielle’s delicate skin could only tolerate natural products and Michelle went on a mission to find the highest quality, organic products for her tiny baby.
Gabrielle is now a healthy two-year-old, but Michelle’s experience sourcing natural products persuaded her that there was a gap in the market for a green baby business
An accountant by profession, Michelle set up Little Footprint Baby Boutique a year ago, trading on Doncaster’s Wool Market and online at
Michelle said: “I sell a beautiful range of organic, eco-friendly and fair traded products for mother and baby, as well as pre-loved, recycled baby clothing for families on a budget.”
She said the clothing looks and feels luxurious and she sells organic skincare as a pampering treatment for mothers and babies.
Like Sally, Michelle’s business has the full range of green credentials. She travels the short distance to Doncaster market in a low emission vehicle. All her gift boxes and wrapping paper are made from recycled material and she recycles all paper, cardboard and plastics.
Sally Mittuch, the winner of the Greenest Trader 2012
Runner-up Michelle Wood

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