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And Mon isn’t the only trader who is attracting the attention of cruise ship visitors and the wide range of people who have taken to market shopping.
Paul Lewis said: “Southampton has such a wide range of different shoppers.”
It is a student city with two universities and there are very rich and poor areas of Southampton, as well as tourists and visitors from far afield. The cruise business alone employs thousands of staff, in addition to the holidaymakers who are coached from their cruise ships to the Bargate market area.
As well as the general market,
there are specialist markets to visit, not least the International Street Foods market which has proved a major attraction.
“At 2pm on a Friday and Saturday, the market is often heaving,” said Paul. “International Street Foods is a big success and seems to be the way forward.”
There is no doubt that Southampton is a success story and Paul can reflect that his original idea to promote the best of street markets wasn’t a bad business concept despite the predictions of the doom-mongers who said markets were in permanent decline.
 l MarketDays:Friday,SaturdayandaThursday market is being considered
l MarketRent:Rentis£40aday
l Southampton’sClaimtoFame:Southamptonisa major port where you can see some of the largest cruise ships in the world. The Pilgrim Fathers set sail from Southampton in the Mayflower and in 1912 the ill-fated Titanic set off on its doomed maiden voyage from the port. Southampton is also famous for its links with the Spitfire, which was designed and developed in the city.
  Mon Narumon is pictured with her nephew Ohm Pattarachat. She does a roaring trade selling Thai food and takes orders from visitors from the Far East who phone in their orders from their cruise ships
Pitching butcher Perry Thomas travels from Birmingham to stand Southampton market
David Singh is doing well on the market selling British-made fashion
  Amrit Singh and Chetan Verma are pictured on Amrit’s footwear stall

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