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  Market Times • February 2013
   James Charlton and Nicola Blake are both asset managers working for London and Associated Properties, the market landlord and operator
Dean and Caroline Marsh, pictured with their son, Jack, eight, are making a go of their business, D C Computers, after moving to Shipley market last March
   Heidi Mckenna became market manager in September. She sold second hand goods on the outdoor market for ten years before moving into a shop, Up Market, a couple of years ago
James Hartley started a market business selling DVDs next to Dudley’s book stall where he used to
work two years ago
Dudley Kavanagh started trading on Shipley indoor market in June 1970
 then come to me for a DVD.”
And stalwarts Dorothy and Ralph Denton are kept busy on their wool stall. “We have had our ups and downs but we have outlasted a lot
of wool shops,” he said.
Dorothy, who started working on
the market 42 years ago and finally took over the wool business in 1993 after working for a haberdasheries and a greengrocer on the market, is happy with the way the business is going.
James Charlton, an asset manager with London and Associates Properties, travelled from London with a colleague, Nicola Blake, to attend the open day.
only too willing to
“We are
support efforts to promote the market,” he said. “In these difficult times it is hard to find places where you could rent a place to start a business for £50 a week.”
He said the company was aware that parking was an issue and they would like to see the council provide cheaper, and ideally free parking for market shoppers. They were looking at investing in improving the entrance to the market, but they were aware that while trade was fragile, the disruption it would cause while work was carried out could damage businesses.
Ralph and Dorothy Denton have a thriving wool business on the market where Dorothy started working 42 years ago

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