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FEATURE • CHURCH STREET When I started a lot of women made their
children’s clothes but times have changed.” Abdul Karim, who has been selling
clothing on the market since 2001, said Saturdays were still good for traders but the weekdays could be hit or miss.
And Baris Horoz, who has been selling ladies fashion on the market for the past 15 years, agreed. “Saturday is okay and I now do wholesale on the weekdays.”
He cited the lack of parking and the fact that the public toilets are now closed as issues affecting footfall.
But there is still a strong community spirit on the market, which is probably
best summed up by Deepa Dwivedi who has been selling Indian jewellery on the market for the past 18 months.
Deepa and her husband started trading as a stop gap when her husband who works in the oil and gas sector was between contracts.
“I work in finance Monday to Friday which means I am in an office behind a computer screen working with figures,” she said.
“But I am a people-person and although we don’t need to work on the stall on Saturdays now, I just love it. It is a chance to chat to so many different people. I am
learning Arabic so that I can communicate with more people and I love being someone to lean on and a shoulder to cry on for people who stop for a chat and who I have now got to know.”
Times are changing in Church Street. Coun Barnes said it was the centre of the council’s ambitious 15-year regeneration programme which included new homes and offices.
But the market and the community that relies on it for everything from fruit and veg to strong bonds of friendship and support will remain at the heart of things, he added.
Terry West is one of the many fruit and veg businesses on Church Street market where he has traded for more than 40 years
   Deepa Dwivedi works in finance during the week but loves her Saturdays spent selling Indian jewellery on the market
l Market Day: Mondays to Saturdays
l Market Rent: £16 a day Monday to Thursday and £22 Friday to Saturday with a five per cent discount for paying by direct debit
l Church Street’s claim to fame: Church Street in Westminster is a socially disadvantaged corner of the city built in the 1790s, close to Edgware Road and parallel to Oxford Street. Mary Ann Evans, better known as the writer George Eliot, used to shop there and the original Portman Market was an indoor market selling first hay then fruit and veg. The neighbourhood was badly bombed during the war and council flats were built in the post-war years.
 Baris Horoz who sells ladies fashion on the market on Saturdays says the market is busy but problems include the lack of parking and the fact that the public toilets are now closed

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