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A GUIDE FOR ALL MARKET TRADERS Helping the market industry be business-ready for Brexit
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             NMTF helps Govt with major Brexit
THE NMTF has been working with the Government on a major Business Ready for Brexit campaign to help all market traders with the complexities of leaving the EU.
The NMTF was charged with delivering the whole package by the original withdrawal date of October 31.
Staff pulled out all the stops and everything was completed by that date.
The campaign involved writing and designing 30,000 eight-page guides (pictured right) tailored to the needs of market traders.
These were posted directly to NMTF members and were also distributed to market offices across the UK so that non- members could benefit from the advice.
The booklets were accompanied by
2,000 A3 posters and 30,000 flyers telling traders where they could get help. To give hands-on support Mike Evans of The Retail Group (who drew up the informative guide) and the NMTF team
staged 10 workshops across the country. Brexit also has a major presence on the NMTF website (see links on the right). NMTF CEO Joe Harrison said: “We were delighted to help the Government and market traders through what is proving to be a difficult and sometimes confusing time, and we can only hope it’s all sorted
out as soon as possible.”
As a result of the EU granting a three-
month extension to the end of January the information on the website will be there for a period of time. For an overview go to the homepage —
An ebook of the eight-page booklet pictured above can be viewed at:
Watch a video of one of the roadshows:

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