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New recruits include Andy Jones. who launched his vintage clothing business a few months ago, and Chris and Carol Hill who have just moved their butchers business from a shop in town to a market stall.
Just about every trader is positive about the future. Roger Davis started on the market as a Saturday boy helping his sister and brother-in-law selling shirts. After a couple of years in London he decided city life was not for him and set up stall in Wellington market, initially selling pots and pans and now he sells flowers and cards.
“It’s a family business and my wife and son run shops, but I stick with the market,” he said. “You have to move with the times, but the lack of investment in this market over many years has been a problem.” John and Diane agree. They began with
Roger Davis has been a familiar figure on Wellington market for more than 45 years. He now runs popular flower and card stalls and the family also has shops. Roger started at 15 helping out on his sister and brother-in-law’s stall selling shirts
shoes, added a sweet stall 20 years ago and now also run a fashion business.
“The competition has grown so much you have to keep doing something different,” Diane said.
“We make sure we have a great flash and a good selection,” John said.
Both say that the sale of the market to new owners is a huge relief.
Mark Eardley, who has been running his Aladdin’s cave in an outdoor unit since 1984, said: “I first helped out on this stall aged eight and the market was so busy it was hard for a little lad to get through the crowds to fetch stock.”
He started out as a chemical analyst but could not hack the office life, so came back to the market and has never regretted it.
New recruits are finding the market a good place to trade, with a friendly atmosphere and a good vibe. Andy Jones,
who brought his vintage clothes business Kapow into the market a few months ago, said he is building up custom nicely.
“You can’t expect things to take off overnight but I am pleased with the way it is going. More people are discovering we are here and that brings new people into the market,” he said.
And Chris and Carol Hill are pleased to be part of the market community. “I started on the Bull Ring Market in Birmingham and worked for a butchers firm before starting for myself in a shop in Wellington,” he said.
“With all the investment it seems like a good move for us,” he said. And Herlander is delighted to add a quality butcher to the offer.
“The traders here are so professional and the town has shown it will always support the market, so everyone is looking forward to the improvements,” he added.
   Mark Eardley has run his outdoor Aladdin’s Cave stall on Wellington market since 1984. He first worked on the market as an eight-year-old “gopher” when the stall was run by a family friend
l Market Day: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
l Market Rent: From £40 a week l Wellington’s claim to fame:
Wellington is an ancient town in Shropshire with a market charter dating from 1244 but it is now technically part of the new town of Telford.
 Andy Jones is making a success of Kapow Vintage Clothing which was originally started on Shrewsbury Market

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