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what the company was planning.
They need not have worried. Herlander
has met with the boss, Joseph Daniel Pfeffer, and says the company is planning to invest in the market and keep it as the heart of the community.
They have announced significant invest- ment in the fabric of the building including all new electrics, new lighting, new flooring and possibly a realignment of the layout of the stalls and a food court.
Wellington was an outdoor market for many centuries with a charter held by the Lord of the Manor. When local business people acquired the market rights a bill was passed in Parliament in 1864 and the market hall was built.
The attractive iron pillars and part-glazed roof are in a good state of repair, but the hall now looks tired. Traders say there has been no investment for the past 27 years.
Herlander said: “The new owners say they want all the work to be done by local firms — that is their company policy. We took the highest rents down to be fair to traders and to ensure we keep the good traders we have, and the owners also understand that we can’t close the market and we need to try to get the work done while the market stays open.”
Herlander said the market family would come together to help make the improvements work and they were all looking forward to a more attractive,
FEATURE • WELLINGTON inviting market.
“This is a wonderful, friendly market where everyone gets on,” said Herlander, who started helping out on stalls and sweeping the floors eight years ago.
There are 42 traders and a total of 150 units, most inside the market but a number fronting on to an outside courtyard.
Many have traded on the market for donkey’s years. Occupancy is now at 80 per cent and Herlander said there are more enquiries from would-be traders every week.
Among the long-serving traders are Mark Eardley who runs his Aladdin’s Cave outside, Roger Davis, who has been trading on the market for 45 years and John and Diane Brown who have clocked
   Herlander Alcobia, who was born in Portugal, is manager of the market where he started helping on stalls and sweeping the floors
Experienced butcher Chris Hill and his wife Carol have high hopes for their new butchers stall after deciding to move into the market from their shop in town
 John and Diane Brown are optimistic about the future for Wellington market where they now have three stalls selling shoes, sweets and fashion

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