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 NMTF 121st AGM and Conference Monday April 27th 2020 at the famous Imp We’re going
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Operators and traders — come and join
Operators and traders — come and join
 EVERYONE likes to be beside the seaside — and next April the NMTF is inviting everyone to come and join us at our annual AGM and Conference, returning to Blackpool after an absence of 13 years.
Yes, time flies but it was in 2007 that the last event was held at the Cliffs Hotel, the venue for around 20 years.
But this time we’ve moved up in the world and booked The Imperial Hotel, one of the most famous in the land.
The short AGM for members only, followed by the conference for anyone with an interest in our great industry, will be on Monday April 27.
Once again the NMTF will be setting the stage for the only forum where
operators, market managers and traders can get together to debate and discuss both the initiatives and concerns of our industry.
Like this year, the NMTF will pay for the travel costs for Liaison Officers to get to and from the event — plus an overnight stay on the Monday night.
The theme and format of the conference is still in the planning stage and more details will be published in December’s Market Times.
If you want more information contact our Events Manager, Vanessa Higginbottom on 01226 352812 or email
But if you want to plan ahead you can book now by going to:
REMEMBER — it’s free for NMTF Liaison Officers
An advert for The Imperial c 1900
 BOOK NOW — go to
NMTF AGM and Conference April 27 2020
VENUE: The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool
AGM: 9.00am for prompt 9.30am start (Attendance at AGM only — FREE to all members. Conference and lunch £40 daily delegate rate)
CONFERENCE: 10.30am for 10.50am start Members cost:
£95 (single occupancy) and
£65 (double occupancy) per person to attend conference, the President’s Dinner and
bed and breakfast
£40 daily delegate rate (including lunch) Above — FREE to financially assisted delegates (group liaison officers)
Operators and market managers cost: £150 for the full conference package (including lunch, President’s Dinner and bed and breakfast) or £75 daily delegate rate
Bed and breakfast on Sunday April 26
£75 (single occupancy) and
£85 (double occupancy)
Delegates note: this is not financially assisted
Attendance confirmation and booking requirements must be with Head Office by close of business on March 16 2020

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