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   Vicki Fletcher who has a rug business on the market with Martin Jenkins said their business was flourishing now with a loyal customer base including locals and tourists
Nick Richardson, who runs Nick of Time selling watches, batteries and offering a key cutting service, has been on the market from the beginning and is positive about the new developments
Success for Cornish Market World was instantaneous. John said: “Ken is the king of advertising. It was bang, bang, bang — whole page advertising in local news- papers, radio adverts every half hour on local radio, and now he has TV adverts which pop up in the middle of Coronation Street.
John was one of three traders who used to auction from their lorries outside the front of the building. John’s wife took a 100 ft linen stall inside.
Andy Brown, who started off auctioning meat from his lorry outside, said: “We used to travel down from Worcester to sell
on the market every Saturday and Sunday before Wednesday became a market day . It was brilliant and it was like a family too — all the traders got on and helped each other out.”
Andy has been on the market since 1998, recently moving from the back of the market to run the anchor meat stall in the produce hall. He says business is getting better and better, but he thought about leaving in the difficult times before Ken took over the market again.
Back in the early days Ken succeeded in persuading John to take over as market manager. He increased the size of the
market by adding a new section which turned the L-shaped market into a rectangular building, creating 80,000 square feet of space.
And they opened Kidzworld, a large adventure play area, which was originally called after Ken’s first son, Ben, and is now a massive attraction for families.
“Cornish Market World was such a success. I remember the first Easter, it was so packed the only way to get in was to walk on people’s heads,” John said.
Nick Richardson, who has run Nick of Time, selling watches, batteries and offering a key cutting service on the
 Erica Thomas runs one of the market cafés alongside other family members, her parents-in-law Jean and Bernie Thomas, and her daughter Steph. Erica’s husband owns a trawler and she serves the scallops he has caught as well as Jean’s homemade cakes and scones

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