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  Celebrating 10 years of
campaign for fake-free
This year, there’s cause for celebration as the Real Deal campaign reaches its first 10-year milestone. Campaign Manager PATRICIA LENNON explains why it has proved such a success — and invites all Real Deal markets to join in a week of celebration, from December 2 to 8, and publicise their commitment to fake-free trading
 FAKES, knock-offs, hooky gear ... whatever we call coun- terfeit goods, they’re bad news for markets, legitimate traders and local communities.
A market’s reputation as a safe, fair environment for shoppers and traders can very quickly be undermined if it is infiltrated by unscrupulous individuals selling counterfeits and other illegal products. When the illicit traders move in, a whole host of problems follow: consumers are ripped off and sold low-quality, potentially dangerous goods, while legitimate traders lose sales as they struggle to compete with inferior rip-offs of well- known brands. Furthermore, an atmosphere of criminality and intimidation can become embedded and there is often a knock-on effect in terms of increased crime in the surrounding area.
The nature of the counterfeit business means that traders in illicit goods will often move from one market to another to avoid detection, exacerbating the problem for local authority trading standards services and many market operators who work hard to maintain local markets and car boot sales as safe, fair environments that are an asset to their local communities.
Fortunately, help is at hand through the Real Deal Campaign for Fake-free Markets. Established in 2009 by the National Markets Group for IP Awareness (NMG), the Real Deal campaign has long been supported by both the NMTF and NABMA. It brings together local authority trading standards services, market operators and
Dudley celebrates signing the Real Deal Charter
Torbay Trading Standards. Market Manager Mike Walsh summed up the benefits to the markets and its traders, saying: “It is important for our customers to know that they are purchasing good quality products that are safe and reasonably priced. When the opportunity arose to be part of the Real Deal Campaign we welcomed it, the sale of fake and illicit goods can have an adverse impact on business and reputation and it is important that customers can shop here with confidence.”
As these and hundreds of other markets have shown, the Real Deal charter signing provides a great PR platform and it doesn’t have to be one-off message.
To celebrate the campaign’s 10-year anniversary, a week of activity is planned during the first week of December, as part of which all Real Deal markets are encouraged to publicise their commitment to fake-free trading by renewing their Real Deal charter.
A photo opportunity at the market with local trading standards and a social media posting can spread the word far and wide that your market is a Real Deal, fake-free zone.
Printed posters, a Real Deal 10th anniversary logo and graphics for use on social media are all available from the Real Deal campaign to help boost your message, particularly in the all-important run-up to Christmas.
To request copies of the Real Deal 10th anniversary media support materials contact: patricia.lennon@realdealmarke
traders, industry groups, and copyright and trademark owners, all of whom share a common commitment to tackling this problem.
At the heart of the Real Deal campaign is a national charter through which a market operator and their local trading standards service jointly commit to work together to ensure fake-free trading. The charter boosts the reputation of a market, giving confidence to shoppers and supporting market traders and small, local businesses who are selling genuine products.
The process of signing the Real Deal charter helps to strengthen the relationship between market operators and their local trading standards service. As a result, numerous markets have benefited from ongoing support and advice from trading standards, and members of the NMG, when concerns have arisen over the sale of illicit goods.
To date, more than 500 markets have seized the opportunity to show their support for fake-free trading by signing the Real Deal charter with their local trading
standards service.
On 17th October this year, one
of the largest ever group signings of the Real Deal charter took place when nine markets and shopping centres in the Dudley region joined forces with Dudley MBC to pledge their commitment to stamp out counterfeit goods being sold in the borough. At the charter signing event, Coun Nicolas Barlow, cabinet member for health and adult social care, explained why the council was supporting the initiative.
“Visitors to our markets and shops can buy knowing that what they spend their hard- earned cash on is legitimate, safe and value for money. Counterfeit and illicit goods are often of inferior quality and, in most cases, unsafe as they have not gone through the same rigorous safety checks that legitimate goods go through. Their sale can damage consumer confidence and legitimate businesses, because they infringe existing intellectual property rights.”
Also in October, Newton Abbot Market became the first to sign the Real Deal charter with Devon, Somerset and

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