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  Allan Bevan is a “hobby trader” who has been selling second-hand furniture on the market for the past ten years
Colin Loader sells bakery products made by Taylor’s, a third generation, traditional bakers based in Bruton in Somerset. He is pictured with his assistant, Mary Ewing
  By contrast, Scott Bedward left his job as a printer to take over his father’s flowers and plants business when he retired three years ago.
Colin Loader has plenty of loyal customers for his bakery products from Taylor’s traditional bakers, a third-generation business based in Bruton in Somerset.
“I started Anna Stiles Pottery 18 months ago and I now sell through shops, Sherborne Castle and through Dorset Wildlife Trust,” Anna said.
Nigel Turnbull, who came out of retirement to help his son Jamie with his home-made pies, pasties and quiche business, is testing the water at Sherborne.
She stands Sherborne and Frome markets, which gives her a shop window for her business and an opportunity to meet people and socialise.
“I heard it was a good market from another trader and we are doing well here,” said Nigel. His son, Jamie, set up Duck Farm Deli four
“Imakemypotsonmyownathome,soI love getting out on the market and meeting people,” Anna said.
“I have been here three weeks but I can already tell this is going to be a good market for us,” Nigel said.
Food is an important element of Sherborne market, and it is a high-quality offer which the locals love.
And he is probably right. High quality, homemade pies and pastries are right on the button for this most traditional, up-market market.
years ago, specialising in delicious savoury pastries including his signature filo-pastry pies.
Nigel Turnbull is a new trader on Sherborne market selling the delicious pies, pasties and quiches made by his son, Jamie, who runs Duck Farm Deli
l Market Days: Thursdays and Saturdays
 l Market Rent: £1 a foot
l Sherborne’s claim to fame: Sherborne in Dorset was the capital of Wessex, one of seven kingdoms of England, and has links with Alfred the Great. It boasts Sherborne Abbey, two castles, the ruins of a 12th century palace and a 16th century mansion built by Sir Walter Raleigh now known as Sherborne Castle. Sherborne School is one of the UK’s leading independent schools. The town was once a centre for silk manufacturing, lace making and button and glove manufacturing.
Markets are in his blood and the business is his livelihood. “It’s up and down but I do well on this market and I do enjoy trading,” Scott said.
“I have been selling on this market for about nine years, and I believe the bakery was here a couple of years before that,” said Colin.
Anna Stiles has also taken to market trading. A grain trader for many years, she threw her first pot aged five and is now making a business out of something she is passionate about.
“It’s a good market and we are here both days,” he added.

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