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and everything, with the emphasis on quality food, household items and a smattering of craft and gift stalls to catch the eye of locals and tourists.
traders and shoppers had become her friends. Judy says the estate leaves her to get on with
spare pitches, but on sunny days Sherborne is still an impressive, attractive market with a dozen or more traders on a Thursday and more on a Saturday.
Judy did very well selling Indian-style clothes. “We moved here from Staffordshire and I was impressed by the market and decided I would love to sell Indian clothes here,” she said.
“The market has changed a lot since I started on it,” said Judy. In her early days there was a long waiting list and it was hard to get a pitch.
Allan used to work for an insurance company in the city of London but came down to Sherborne 20-odd years ago for a quieter pace of life and describes himself as a hobby trader.
Starting with a 10ft stall, she ended up with a 30ft business before “retiring”.
In those days the traders were a stalwart bunch. If it snowed, they got out their shovels and cleared the market, Judy said.
When she was approached by the estate to run the market, she had no hesitation as the
These days there are more “hobby traders” who are not keen to trade in bad weather.
“I don’t need to work but I enjoy the social side of standing the market,” he said.
it, and her main concern is keeping the rent low and sorting out any issues.
Many are long-standing traders whom Judy worked alongside. Allan Beven, who sells second-hand furniture, is one.
For the first time ever, Judy has a couple of
  Anna Stiles sells her beautiful pottery on the market
Scott Bedward has taken over his father’s plants and flowers business on Sherborne market

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