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and work was continuing on the refurbishment of the market,” David said.
up to 89 per cent, with a total of 25 traders, and there is a positive vibe about the place.
trader, who has been a market butcher since 1965 and has run Danny’s Family Butchers for the past 15 years, is also positive about the future.
With no previous experience of markets, David concentrated on building a good working relationship with the traders and looking at ways to boost footfall and promote the market.
Jean Hall, who runs Jean’s Kitchen, started a sandwich bar in the market 26 years ago and remembers how busy and successful the market was in the early days.
“There has been a big improvement, particularly since David took over as manager,” Danny said.
“As far as I am concerned, a friendly market where people work together is much more likely to succeed,” David said.
After nine years she took over the market café when the owners sold up, and she now employs seven people and is very busy, especially since the relaunch.
Six new tenants signed over the summer. New businesses include authentic Indian food, original African garments, wedding and party planning and gifts, handcrafted jewellery and vintage gifts, and tattoos.
When the landlords took over the market, it was down to around 50 per cent occupancy, David said.
Jean said: “In the early days it was very rare for there to be an empty stall. But towards the end, InShops seemed to lose interest and there was no investment. Things were going downhill and when a new operator bought Inshops and decided not to carry on with this market, it was really worrying for all of us, but especially the long-standing traders who had built up businesses over many years.
Vince Gibson, who has started an old- fashioned sweet stall, is delighted with his decision to move to the market from Hartlepool where he ran a pet stall.
The reconfiguration involved relocating an anchor stall specialising in festival products such as ethnic clothing into a unit in the shopping centre.
“After 23 years of retail, markets and other businesses, I decided on a change of line and location,” he said.
The market shrunk by 10 to 15 per cent when one of the market units was reconfigured to become part of the shopping centre. The long- established café, Jean’s Kitchen, was expanded to become the focus of the market.
“But now the traders are very positive and everything seems to be going in the right direction,” she added.
Four months after setting up stall in Dundas Market, he is certain he has made the right decision. “It’s a canny market and I’m doing well here,” Vince said.
Unsurprisingly, the rebranding and investment has gone down well with traders. Occupancy is
Danny McCluskey, another long-established
  Jean Hall (left), who runs Jean’s Kitchen, the large market café, started a sandwich bar on the market 26 years ago. She is pictured with assistant Louise Matthews who has worked for her for 23 years
l Market Days: Monday to Saturday
 l Market Rent: From £60 all inclusive for a week
l Middlesbrough’s claim to fame: The birthplace of navigator and explorer Captain James Cook, Middlesbrough started life in 1830 when a coal magnate selected Middlesbrough farm and estate as an ideal location for a coal port on the River Tees. The town grew rapidly and became known as Ironopolis thanks to the discovery of ironstone which led to the building of iron foundries and rolling mills. Today the local economy is dominated by the chemical industry and engineering-based manufacturing.
David Harris is Dundas centre and market manager

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