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A new era for Chip & PIN Solutions
membership. It has all the latest mobile technology which is simple to use and benefits from contactless transaction acceptance and Apple Pay. The cost per transaction rate is now better than ever and there is no minimum monthly service charge which ensures members will keep costs to a minimum.
  Market Times • December 2017
CHIP & PIN Solutions has been partnered with the NMTF for more than 10 years and has thousands of members using its card terminals.
 Managing Director David Maisey and NMTF Chief Executive Joe Harrison have worked tirelessly over the years to provide members with a cost effective and reliable solution for them to accept card payments and thus increase sales and, importantly, evolve into the modern digital age by keeping up with customer demands.
Ecommerce payment gateway
Chip & PIN Solutions as a business has become one of the leading independent payment providers in the industry and as a result of this has recently been partnered by Valitor, an Icelandic acquiring bank.
David Maisey, Managing Director Chip & PIN Solutions
There has been increased demand from members setting up websites, and using the company’s dedicated payment gateway ensures all payment acceptance requirements are dealt with in one trusted place. Please contact Chip & PIN to learn more about this integrated solution.
The great news is that David Maisey continues as Managing Director, which will further cement the ongoing relationship with Joe and the NMTF.
Switching to Chip & PIN Solutions
David said: “The decision to partner with Valitor ensures our continued emphasis on exceptional customer service and support, whilst providing customers with added value. After over a decade of hard work and sacrifices, we have grown organically to become one of the most respected businesses in our industry. With Valitor we find the same inspiration, synergies, and quality of service.
receiving funds into the member’s bank account. There will be no third-party involvement, which means that the company’s high standards of service and support will be continued
Some NMTF members will already be using alternative forms of card payment technology — but as the recommended supplier to the NMTF Chip & PIN can also offer three months free terminal rental to all members and could save them up to 40 per cent on the cost of accepting card payments.
“The NMTF has been a hugely influential partnership over the years. With Valitor supporting the business we will now be in a position to be more focused than ever on providing a value for money proposition and impeccable service levels to support and develop NMTF members’ businesses.”
for our members who have Chip & PIN mobile terminals, and can only make an excellent service even better. Over the years the company has pulled out all the stops to make sure our members’ needs are met, and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”
Anyone who would like to discuss their card payment requirements or simply needs some trusted advice on any form of card payments contact Chip & PIN.
The acquisition by Valitor means that every aspect of accepting card payments is handled in-house. This includes everything from merchant account set-up, terminal delivery and most importantly complete in-house customer support for queries on terminal functionality and
How can Chip & PIN support NMTF members with their payment needs?
throughout the entire card acceptance journey. NMTF members will continue to benefit from some of the lowest transaction rates in the industry, in addition to having access to the latest and most reliable technology including dual mobile and wifi terminals to support the
Short term hire
growth of their business.
Joe Harrison said: “This has to be good news
All NMTF members are eligible for reduced short term hire rental through Chip & PIN Solutions. Setting up a merchant account is free and there are no minimum monthly transaction charges, so if a member needs a card terminal for a one-off event or simply to test whether a card terminal is for him or her, get in touch.
Accepting payments face to face
 The company will continue to offer NMTF members preferential pricing, three months free rental and £50 towards their annual
Call free on 0800 881 8104

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