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  Town clerk Gina Wilding, and market manager, Tony Caton, are pictured on Ludlow market
Brothers Robin and Roger Farmer run the popular fruit, veg, plant and flower stall which was started by their parents on Ludlow market 54 years ago
  Celia Mackenzie sells eye-catching Fair Trade children’s stools on
Rob Salter sells insoles and eggs, among other things, on the market
Ludlow market
One larger-than-life market character is Mark Woodward, a chef by trade, who started with a baked potato stall on the market 35 years ago and has been selling cheese here for the past 33 years.
with his brother meeting the customers, some of whom have been shopping at the stall for nearly as long as they have been serving.
l Market Days: The general market takes place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. There is a Local to Ludlow produce market on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month and antiques and collectibles market on the first and third Sundays of the month.
 l Market Rent: Between £12 and £20 a day.
l Ludlow’s claim to fame: Located on a hill in South Shropshire between Shrewsbury and Hereford, Ludlow has a famous castle and a rich history. It used to have a lucrative wool and cloth manufacturing industry, and remains a vibrant small town both economically and culturally, with plenty of independent shops and businesses.
“This market has given us a nice quality of life,” said Mark, who is planning to retire imminently, although his wife, Wendy, who is taking over from him, says she will believe it when it happens.
Non-food businesses are also important to the market. Jewellery, gifts, any type of craft stalls, do well from the influx of tourists who visit all year, but arrive by the coachload in the summer.
Then there are brothers Roger and Robin Farmer, who run the bustling fruit, veg, plants and flowers stall that their parents started on the market 54 years ago.
One newcomer is Celia Mackenzie, who enjoys the buzz of the market after retiring from running a nursery stall.
“It’s a really good, little market,” Robin said. “We have a lot of loyal local shoppers and plenty of visitors and tourists in the summer.”
She sells eye-catching Fair Trade children’s stools.
Although you might assume Robin had been on the market all his life, he had a career as a scientist — a rocket scientist for the Ministry of Defence — but these days he is more than happy to be on the market
Like other traders, he would like to see more footfall and more promotion of the market, but on a fine day, particularly in the summer months, Ludlow market is still a vibrant attraction in this busy, independent town.
And traders like Rob Salter, who sells the unlikely combination of eggs and shoe insoles, are integral to the market.

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