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   Sue Eggleton, who sells spares for domestic appliances, is positive about her future on Doncaster market
Brian Harrington, a great character and well-known market trader, is pictured on his clothing stall
  Tracy Walton (right), who has been selling perfume and cosmetics on the Wool Market for the past 28 years, is delighted to be relocating. She is pictured with assistant Lynda Buckley
Greta Denton started helping on the wool market at 14 and he had her own stall for the past 24 years. She is taking over Brian Harrington’s workwear business
The first traders moved in October and work was scheduled to be completed by next October.
different footfall there.”
Tracy Walton, who has sold perfume and
hadn’t been planning their retirement when the plans were announced.
“We have done our best to try to get them where they want to be during the transition and they each get £750 towards the cost of fitting out their new stall,” Jayne said.
cosmetics on the wool market for the past 28 years, said: “I can’t wait to move.”
Brian is a huge market character. His father, David, started the family’s men’s fashion business in Sheffield’s Castle Market, and Brian left school at 16, with two GCE O levels, to join the business.
That meant freezing the recruitment of new traders to stalls that became vacant, but Jayne said the needs of long-standing traders had to come first.
And Greta Denton, who started helping out on the market, aged 14, and got her first stall selling pet food at 16, is taking on a new challenge after 36 years on the wool market.
“At its height we were employing 50 full-time staff and we advertised in newspapers, radio and TV,” he said.
On the whole, traders are upbeat about the redevelopment and several said they were excited and optimistic about the future.
Brian Harrington and his wife, Lynn, who have been selling general clothing but specialise in workwear, have decided to retire rather than move, so Greta will be giving up her hosiery stall and running the work clothing business which is very busy.
Castle Market was the Meadowhall of its day and fortunes were made there, Brian says. Then there was a big rent hike, the competition from out-of-town shopping centres grew, and the rest is history.
Sue Eggleton, who has been selling domestic appliance spares on the market for 15 years, the past 10 as her own boss, said she couldn’t wait.
Greta said: “This market was a bit of a wind tunnel so I think the plans will make it much cosier and more pleasant. And I am looking forward to the challenge of selling work clothing which will be very different to what I currently sell.”
Brian switched to mainly men’s workwear because he felt market traders could no longer compete with the big, cut-price retailers.
“Initially I was frightened to death. No one likes change,” she said. “But now I know I am moving to Goose Hill I am feeling really positive. I have a lot of loyal customers who will continue to buy from me and I’m sure I will pick up a lot of new customers as there is
Brian and his wife will be very sad to say goodbye to the wool market and would have loved to give the new-look market a go if they
He moved the business to Doncaster’s wool market 13 years ago and still does very well. “I wish everyone well and I would have loved to give it a go in the new market, but we have decided to retire instead,” he added.
Market Times • December 2017

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