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surrounded by historic stone buildings including the picturesque Shambles, once the butchers market but now an eclectic mix of independent shops and eating places.
loyal market shoppers,” he said.
And Jessica Kitching, who has taken over
“It’s a relaxed, friendly market,” he said. “I find trade comes in waves — one minute you have a queue and the next you are twiddling your thumbs.”
One local business, Ye Olde Naked Man, is reputedly the oldest café in the country. “Food is the core of the market,” said
The Hen Hut, a mobile egg business, from her father, has a constant stream of regular customers.
The town council helps traders whenever they can, David said. For example, in the kipper season, regular traders who qualify pay half rent.
Marjorie, which is what you would expect of a market that serves the needs of townsfolk and residents from outlying villages who rely on it for a once-a-week quality food shop.
“It’s a friendly market. The traders here help each other out and I’m enjoying the market life,” she said.
And Marjorie and the team are currently trying to support Settle’s indoor market which hasn’t quite found its feet since a relocation from Victoria Hall to the function room of the Royal Oak on the market square a year ago.
There is a brilliant fish man, George Wilson, a great artisan bakery, Fat Flour, based at Cark- in-Carmel, a popular meat stall, a business selling eggs and a fruit and veg stall that has been on the market for more than 50 years.
Settle market isn’t all about food. There are plenty of craft-type businesses, as well as a stationery stall that does good trade, and Mark Goldenfeld, who sells beautiful Italian leather bags and luggage, does really well here.
At one point the indoor was down to one trader, Joan Lord, who has been selling hand- made cards for many a year. “A hobby gone mad,” is how she describes her business.
Nick Walker, who has sold fruit and veg on markets for the past 30 years, 21 of them as his own boss, describes Settle as a very good market because of the combination of locals and summer visitors.
“It’s a good market because the locals are loyal to the market and there are plenty of visitors who appreciate what I sell — quality Italian leather bags for £130 that would sell for several times more in a department store,” he said.
Shoppers have been slow to rediscover the indoor market in its new location, which is a pity as there is an excellent craft-type offer. In addition to Joan’s cards, there are garden ornaments, gifts and natural aromatherapy and
“You can’t fault the local community who are
David Tomlinson, who has been selling stationery and craft items on the market for 20 years, says his business ticks over nicely all year round.
  Marjorie Tindale, market superintendent, is pictured with her deputy, Steve O’Brien
Mark Goldenfield sells beautiful, Italian leather bags and luggage at market prices
  Jessica Kitching has taken over The Hen Hut, a mobile market eggs business, from her father, Peter
David Tomlinson has been selling stationery and craft items on Settle market for the past two decades

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