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                                                    The attractive market town of Settle in rural North Yorkshire is set for a cash injection which is earmarked for new canopies and gazebos, improved signage and safety barriers. Nicola Gould reports on a market where hSistory, tradition and customer loyalty hold sway
heltered by a landmark crag and economic vibrancy it brings every Tuesday and surrounding hills, the small town of the history and heritage it embodies which adds Settle in the Craven district of North to the town’s tourism pull.
Yorkshire is remote but beautiful. The town council advertises to the coach
In outlying areas, the broadband and mobile signals are patchy and there is no gas supply. But what’s bad news for some is good for the weekly market.
industry and market footfall gets a big boost from coaches in the summer months.
Settle is too far off the beaten track for the big supermarkets, so the market and the small independent shops and businesses have flourished.
The market is also profitable for the council. If it weren’t for the income from the market, the council tax precept would have to rise, she said.
This market has been at the heart of its community since 1249, when Henry de Percy was granted a charter by Henry III. And that is unlikely to change any time soon.
Not that that affects their approach. Rebecca, market superintendent Marjorie Tindale and her deputy Steve O’Brien are, in the words of one trader “firm, but fair”, and there is a lot of goodwill and harmony on this market.
It’s a friendly, unassuming, higgledy-piggledy market which is run by the town council very successfully.
Marjorie, who has been managing the market for four years, said: “It’s an oddly-shaped market, with stalls on three triangles, then stalls going up a hill.”
Town Clerk Rebecca Hill says the council and its predecessor have been running the market for as long as most people can remember. It’s vital to the town, Rebecca says, because of the
On a full market day, there are 19 regulars and four casual traders.
Rebecca Hill is Clerk of Settle Town Council which runs the market
They bring their own stalls so it has an unruly but attractive look in the ancient Market Place,

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