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An upper crust street food business
  AFTER a globe-trotting career Ian Angus has joined forces with his wife Sonia to run their own street food business using a former Ministry of Defence Land Rover in which they have installed a pizza oven.
Market Times • December 2017
 A sixth-generation market gardener, Ian moved to East Yorkshire to run one of the biggest cucumber production units in Europe.
He went on to work all over the world including a role establishing glasshouses in Mexico and running a business in Los Angeles.
When he finally decided to quit the rat race, Ian and Sonia decided that what they really wanted to do was to run a street food business in their native Yorkshire.
So the couple embarked on a comprehensive market research effort looking at different street food businesses in Bristol and across London.
“We particularly liked a business we came across in Bristol selling pizzas baked in an oven installed in a Land Rover, so we set up The Rustic Rover Company,” Ian said.
The couple acquired the Land Rover from an RAF base and installed the oven themselves. They combined the vehicle with a gazebo and tables and their new business is going down a storm at Beverley, Pocklington and Cottingham markets in East Yorkshire.
 Sonia said: “We decided we wanted to do something together and I have a background in catering, so this business was a great choice.”
Ian said: “We love being on markets. The friendship and support you get from your fellow traders is really good and it is a perfect shop window. We are constantly picking up commissions for events like birthday parties and shows.”
They have built up a loyal following for their delicious pizzas and they regularly sell out at Beverley’s Saturday market, but they also attract attention from Land Rover enthusiasts who are impressed by the unusual use of their favourite car model.

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