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  Market Times • December 2015
  And now he has an impressive range of delicious falafel made and served by a team that is mainly family.
“Running this kind of business is hard work and long hours, but it is a family thing and you become friends with the people who enjoy
your food,” he said.
Bob Strydom knows all about
those long hours. He worked for The Hot Sausage company for 13 years before striking out with his own business selling burgers, sausages and hot chicken wraps.
Bob said: “I chose a tram to
connect with the history of Cambridge because horse-drawn trams once passed the spot where I trade.”
He finds people particularly like his hot chicken wraps because they see it as a healthy option.
Two years into his new venture
and the business is building, Bob says.
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Artur Barreto, who sells falafel under the business brand name Taste of Cambridge, is pictured with his son, Oscar, four, and his sister, Idilia Barreto
 Bob Strydom’s RJ’s Grill is a popular attraction in Cambridge offering high quality burgers, hot dogs and chicken wraps

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