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    Another street food business, The Hot Sausage Company, is equally eye-catching, with its postbox red and gold trailer made to resemble a Victorian cart, and its staff dressed in smart outfits and boaters.
But Roger Bostock, who bought the franchise business in 1987 from a friend, says simplicity is key to his offering.
They sell two different sizes of sausages that are high quality ones specially made for the company.
There are two further choices — Gloucestershire sausages seasoned with white pepper and sage, and Mexican with cumin and chilli.
It’s a simple recipe for success that has worked for Roger for nearly 30 years.
Taste of Cambridge, just next door, has a completely different offering that has a devoted following.
Artur Barreto left his native Madeira in his twenties to work in
restaurants in the UK and ended up working 14 hours a day managing eight restaurants in East Anglia.
“I am passionate about food,” he said. “I was brought up in the countryside in Madeira and we didn’t know what organic food was but we simply ate the food we grew and the animals.”
He gained a pitch in Cambridge in 2009 and offered a range of different hot foods, but it was the falafel that took off.
For the uninitiated, falafel is a vegetable ball made of chick peas, herbs and spices. A Middle Eastern speciality, it appeals particularly to vegetarians because it is high in protein, but many of Artur’s customers are meat eaters who love the taste.
All Artur’s falafel are served in flatbread. He began with his classic — falafel, hummus, harissa, marinated salad of fresh carrot, red pepper, spring onion and rocket topped with tahini dressing.
Market Times • December 2015
Roger Bostock bought into The Hot Sausage Co franchise street food business in 1987
Pictured left serving hot sausages in bread rolls are Joel Smith, right, and Alex Ashdjin

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