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   Julie Shannon, who sells collectibles on Sandwich indoor market, is pictured handing over a cheque for £2090 to Stan Rothwell who received it on behalf of SSAFA, the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Families Association. The cheque represents half the proceeds of a charity second hand book stall she runs.
A similar amount is going to another charity, The Cheshire Regiment Association.
Helen Ireland has brought her role as a rep for the Body Shop Home into Sandbach indoor market, selling Body Shop products and shabby chic painted furniture and furnishings
   unit in the market hall, and her enterprise is paying off.
Other indoor traders including fish business Fleetwood Fisheries and Julie and Wayne Shannon, who sell badges and collectibles, are doing well in the market hall.
Alan went into the fish business 35 years ago and he has been joined first by his wife Joanne and more recently by their 21-year-old son Liam.
“I just love fish,” Liam said. He enjoys fishing with his dad, has learned filleting and loves the warm, friendly atmosphere on the market.
But he is also a drummer in a band that has a record out soon — so music’s gain could be
the market’s loss.
Julie also has another string to her bow. Two
years ago she had the idea of starting a second hand book stall for charity alongside their collectibles stall.
“At first we were paying for the books and selling them for charity,” said Julie. “But when people found out they began donating books and it has really taken off.”
Julie recently handed over cheques for £2,090 to two military charities, which represents the amount raised to date.
So Sandbach market is all about heart and spirit. All it needs is for more people to discover this friendly market that deserves a bright future.
 l Market Days: Thursday is market day, and there is a small indoor on Saturdays.
l Market Rent: £20 a pitch and an additional £6.50 to rent a council gazebo l Sandbach’s claim to fame: The Cheshire
town was famous for its ale in the seventeenth century before silk mills came to the fore in the nineteenth century. These days many locals commute to the big conurbations of Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

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