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by introducing trading at half rent for January.
But — and there is a but — footfall is good, but not exceptional. Considering the quality of the offering, it deserves a lot more custom.
“In its heyday the market was twice the size,” said Bob. “Twenty years ago it covered much of Scotch Common car park.”
The long-established traders remember those busy days well.
Tony Holland, who has sold toiletries and household goods on Scotch Common for 28 years, said: “It helps that I have been here so long. I’m part of the fixtures and fittings and I have plenty of loyal, regular customers.
“But I can remember when there was a long queue to get a pitch on the market at 8am and some traders left disappointed because there was no more space.”
Winnie Greene and her husband Eric have been selling bags and luggage on the market for 35 and 44 years respectively.
She said: “Unfortunately it’s the way things have gone, with competition from online shopping, out of town centres and super- markets.”
Winnie and Eric know their business and have an eye-catching stall with attractive bags at excellent prices.
“The thing is, we can’t try any harder. We can’t do any better,” said Winnie, who also stands Altrincham outdoor market, where former Urban Splash director Nick Johnson has worked wonders.
“Although the buzz and increased footfall hasn’t worked its way down to us yet, we think it will happen and he will rejuvenate more of Altrincham town centre,” she said. “You can’t
help thinking that that approach is the way forward.”
As well as the experienced, long-standing traders, there are new recruits on Sandbach market trying new things and starting up businesses.
Carole Ashley has launched a new enterprise with her partner selling items that have been returned to Argos. They bid online for pallets of returned goods, which they are selling at reduced prices in the indoor market.
And Helen Ireland is doing well selling Body Shop products and shabby chic painted items in the indoor market.
“I have been a rep for Body Shop at Home for 12 years, selling products to people at home and running parties and fundraisers where I sell the products,” she said.
In January she took the plunge and took a
  Winnie Greene (pictured) and her husband, Eric, sell bags and luggage, and are market traders of 44 years standing
 Mother and son Joanne and Liam Smith are pictured on the family fish stall, Fleetwood Fisheries, in the indoor market
  Tony Holland has been selling toiletries and household goods on Sandbach market for the past 28 years

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