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  diversity of the food offering is impressive.
There are fish, meat, cheese, cold meats and a new bakery business that traces its roots back to 1820.
James Freeman, who is the fifth generation to run Victoria Bakery, said: “The business started in a shop across the road in 1820 but the bakery is now in Barnet.”
James moved on to Enfield market a couple of years ago. “There was an emotional draw because Enfield is where it all started for us, but I had a sense that the trust would be making an investment and we wanted to be in at the start,” he added.
The Market Doctors and the trust team worked hard to bring the
Market manager Peter Mattheou
plans to fruition in just three months.
Market manager Peter Mattheou said: “It was back-breaking work, but a labour of love. I can’t tell you how proud I am of what has been achieved and I am so happy for the traders.”
The project was Philippe’s baby. Ellie, who heads NABMA’s Love Your Local Market initiative, brought all her marketing and promotional skills to the table, as well as her experience as a market operator.
“The market team has been restructured and they have attended courses to support them in the new set-up,” Steve said.
They now erect the gazebos on Wednesday night and provide night-time security to encourage traders to leave stock in their gazebos, which remain in situ until the end of the Saturday market.
Recruiting new traders was a challenge, but they now have a full market of 70 traders and a waiting list of people wanting to stand the market.
“We had a lot of worries about how things would turn out,” Richard said. “A big concern was whether they would want the traditional traders. But the trust has been incredibly supportive to the traders and I can’t thank them enough,” he added.
James Freeman is the fifth generation of a bakery business that started in a shop opposite Enfield market in 1820
Market Times • December 2015

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