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Market Times • December 2015
Enfield Market is transformed — in just three months By NICOLA GOULD
ENFIELD Market in North London has been relaunched following an investment of just under £100,000 that has transformed the market following years of decline.
There are smart new gazebos, a new 80-seater all-weather food court and a fine food offering to compete with the likes of Borough Market.
Best of all, they haven’t thrown out the baby with the bath water. The traditional traders are well looked after on the new market, albeit in smart new gazebos with branded aprons and bags and plenty of new customers to serve.
Richard Landsberg, The Watch Man, said the market had deteriorated over the past 10 years to the point where the number of traders had dwindled from more than 60 to just 25.
Richard remembers his first days
on the market 41 years ago when he was seven. “When my dad askedmetogethimacupofteait took so long to get through the crowds on the market and back again,” he said.
The rot set in a decade ago when the shopping centre shifted, Richard said. The pound shops and internet shopping have taken their toll, and as traders moved on or retired, the market began looking sparse and tatty.
“I have been on the market so long that people know me and come to my stall, and other long- established traders made a living,” he said.
“But new traders struggled because there wasn’t enough to encourage people to browse. They just came to one or two stalls, then left.”
Enfield is run by the Old Enfield Charitable Trust, one of just three
Richard Landsberg, The Watch Man, has been a fixture on the market after he caught the trading bug helping his father on the stall when he was aged just seven

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