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    Nigel and Claire Burston have a burgeoning business specialising in scones and bakewell tarts. Claire added a cosmetics line a year ago
Andrew Dennis makes a two-hour journey from his home in Grimsby to sell flowers and plants on Bakewell market
Patrice Calandra has developed a thriving market business selling soaps made in his home city of Marseille
  Kevin Kinney has queues of customers at his stall from 8 am to 2 pm when he sells out of his bread and pies
tiles in November 2017, also does well at Bakewell.
And Patrice Calandra, who began selling soap made in his home city of Marseille on markets five years ago, is also a fan of Bakewell.
“I used to work in front of house in a restaurant but I realised it was hard to find really good soap in this country so I started selling the ones made in Marseille.”
Trading can be hard in the winter, he said, but in the summer there can be few better places to stand than this happy, buzzing market.
 l Market Day: Monday
l Market Rent: £26.30 for a 9 ft stall, £34.20 for a 12 ft stall for regular traders.
Casuals pay £3.50 extra
l Bakewell’s claim to fame: Nestling amid the beautiful, rolling hills of the Peak
District close to Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall, Bakewell is a magnet for tourists, but it is probably best known for Bakewell tarts or puddings. The first one was made by accident in 1820 when the landlady of the White Horse Inn left instructions for the cook to make a jam tart with an egg and almond paste pastry base. The cook mistakenly spread the egg and almond mixture on top of the jam.

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