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 Cottingham trader co-op on
the lookout for new traders
TAKEN over by the traders more than 20 years ago after the local council said it would close down the operation, Cottingham mar- ket in the East Riding of Yorkshire has been a constant benefit to this large, pretty village not far from Hull.
Originally run by the local shopkeepers, East Riding of Yorkshire Council became concerned about health and safety issues.
But all that changed when the traders took charge.
John Dyson, the NMTF’s President-Elect who runs the market’s trader co-operative has been involved since the early stages, has managed to make the one day a week market into something special.
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John Dyson
More recently he has been successful in in- troducingan increasing range of hot food that shoppers can enjoy on their Thursday lunchtimes. But now, says John, there are several gaps on what is usually an almost full market.
“I am sure the right trader selling the right line would do well here,” John said. “It’s difficult to be specific about what we need but we are look- ing for something different that would suit the kind of market we are and the shoppers we serve.”
To read the Market Times feature on Cotting- ham market published in the June 2018 edition go to or visit our homepage, click on the Market Times tab and navigate to June 2018.
For a chat ring John on 07824 439346.
    THE free NMTF app is designed so that members are able to report incidents that could result in a liability claim.
Executive Board member used it to report a claim caused by a gust of wind at his Don- caster fruit and veg stall.
“It was really efficient,” he said. “I was able to report the incident, send pictures, and that
was just about it.
But it’s also much more.
You can find a market by searching the new Market Near Me feature, the most comprehensive database of markets in the UK (see pages 20 and 21).
There’s a section dedicated to what the OBITUARY
Jim Nield
THE NMTF has recently learned of the death of Jim Nield, a well- known trader who was a regular delegate to the annual conferences in Blackpool.
In an earlier career Jim, who died last September aged 91, was the head of maths at a local boys’ grammar school.
His Cheshire markets included Crewe, Sandbach and Nantwich.
In 2006 Jim received the John Carter/Harry Cross Memorial Cup,
NMTF offers, including comprehensive liabilities insurance, cover for HMRC investigations, supplier discounts, expert financial and legal advice and retail training.
You can even read editions of Market Times online as an emag, going back as far as June 2011.
Traders are also be able to find out which markets, fairs and festivals our national officers are visiting and contact them directly for advice and support.
They do not have to be members — but if they download the app traders will easily be able to join and renew online.
So download now from the App Store or Google Play (search for NMTF).
     a prestigious award presented for outstanding service to fellow traders.
It marked a family double — his sister Barbara Jones, who also worked Crewe market, received the cup 13 years earlier.
NMTF CEO Joe Harrison, who as National President in 2006 pre- sented Jim with the cup, said: “Whoever came into contact Jim knew from the start that he was a real gentleman.”
Joe Harrison and Jim Nield on Sandbach market

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