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    and cards, hold opposing views.
The couple met and fell in love when they were
placed on pitches opposite each other on Waterside Market.
Justin is a third-generation market trader whose grandfather sold hosiery, then pottery, on Stratford’s general market, and he wants to stay in Bridge Street because of the great footfall.
“There are more people here and I am making more sales to passers-by than I did on Waterside,” he said.
Della, on the other hand, loved the location and her prime spot on Waterside. “It was a wonderful setting looking out on to the gardens and the river. You couldn’t find a better spot to work.”
She is selling her beautiful artwork to the same customers, so all in all she would prefer to return to Waterside.
Ted said that LSD had carried out a survey to gauge the views of traders and around 80 per cent said they would like to move back there, so it is now a waiting game to see if that majority wish can be accommodated.
 The market’s Waterside location — is it set to return?

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