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    Professional photographer Chris Slack now manages the market where he had a stall for 11 years
David Seymour of Loveday Designs sells the beautifully sculptured jewellery he makes himself
these photos and creating artwork that is a permanent reminder of a holiday in Brixham for the purchaser.
Another trader, Mandy Falconer, has also succeeded in turning her passion into a business. She explained: “I started off painting glass at my kitchen table.” She graduated to painting and creating heat-resistant platters and coasters and now has a shop in Dartmouth, but also still stands Brixham market.
The quality bar is high on this niche market. David Seymour has been selling the beautiful, sculptured jewellery he makes himself on this market for the past six years.
Jane Lancaster is also a long- standing trader, having started selling the wooden boxes she paints and embellishes. More recently she has added a new line of beautiful, fused glass decorative items.
And Pru Preston is an artist who teaches art three days a week at South Devon College but loves her market days selling her paintings.
“I just love this market. Everyone helps everyone else and
it is just a nice place to be,” she said.
Martyn Green specialises in concrete garden ornaments. He started six years ago making them from moulds and now creates some of his own moulds.
“It’s a market for the community, not just for tourists,” said Martyn, who has had a role with the Chamber of Commerce. The market supports the community and the community supports the market, he says.
Emma Dailly, or Auntie Emma as she calls herself, has also found a home from home on Brixham market after giving up a 20-year long career as a special needs teacher to try something completely different.
She now makes bunting, tea towels and bags and enjoys selling them on the market.
Chris describes Brixham arts and crafts market as a community within a community, and his aspirations for the future include building on the success of the market and cementing its position in this community- spirited fishing and tourism town.
 l Market Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays from Easter to October
l Market Rent: £30 per stall
l Brixham’s claim to fame: Unlike elsewhere in the UK,
Brixham continues to thrive as a modern fishing port. With its picturesque harbour and attractions including a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, the Golden Hind, it is also a magnet for tourists, particularly in the summer. William of Orange, who became King William the Third, landed in Brixham with his Dutch army. The view of the harbour at dusk inspired the hymn Abide With Me.

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