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  former florist, who has done so well with her original paintings on the market that she now has her own gallery — but still stands the market.
“I have always loved painting
and this market was the perfect place to find out if I could make a business out of what I love doing,” she said.
“It has been wonderful for me. When I started out I didn’t have
the confidence but here you are surrounded by people who also have that passion and we give each other strength and confidence,” Lynne added.
“You hear what customers say
and get a better understanding of the sort of things they want.” As an example, Lynne holds up prints of the harbour with photos of holidaymakers painted into the scenes. She now enjoys taking
  Artist Lynne Peets found her feet on Brixham arts and crafts market and still stands the market even though she now has an art gallery in town
Jane Lancaster is a regular on the market selling the wooden boxes she paints and embellishes and a new line in fused glass decorative objects
Pru Preston, a part-time art teacher, loves the market where she sells her artwork
  Martyn Green has been selling concrete garden ornaments on the market for the past six years
  Mandy Falconer has created a business from a hobby which started painting glass in her kitchen. She now sells her hand painted and glazed marble platters and coasters on the market and in her shop in Dartmouth
Emma Dailly, alias Auntie Emma, left her career as a special needs teacher of 20 years to try her hand at something completely different. She now sells the bunting, tea towels and bags she makes herself

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